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Jamie Derzypolski

I confess to you that I am a servant of the one true God, Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. I am a warrior for His kingdom walking, and often stumbling, along the narrow path His Son Jesus Christ has shown us. I am a sinner struggling to live a life of heroic virtue with the hope of one day joining the Church Triumphant in heaven. Other than that I am nothing. As Jon Foreman of Switchfoot sings; “I am breathing in this world but it is not my home”.

The source and summit of my life is the Eucharist. I believe that I actually encounter Jesus Christ in the celebration of the Eucharist at each and every Mass. After I am nourished I am sent into the world to be Christ for others but often fall tragically short from that commission. Of course having a microphone and 100,000 watts along with 4k video for this task is a bit easier than my predecessors had it but nonetheless, a daily challenge.

My heart breaks for my brothers and sisters who are being persecuted or laying down their lives for Jesus Christ. My heart breaks for our youth who do not live the sacraments, for those fallen away from the Church because of lack of truth or misunderstandings. My soul rejoices for missionaries, vowed religious and the witness of those willing to leave everything and follow Him. My soul yearns for the Father and for those who stand on top of the mountain to let the light of Christ shine from them. My hope is in Jesus Christ and for the unity He desires in the Church He established.

Know of my prayers for you! Will you pray for me? That together we will persevere in running this race.

Sharing the peace of Christ,


Daniel Brunal

Daniel Brunal was born in Massachusetts. He was born into an Air Force family and moved across the Eastern sea board several times in his life along with a chance to live in Europe. He went to Florida State University and later transferred to University of South Florida. He first got started in film part time as a college student making some extra money shooting weddings in 2006. He fell in love with making videos ever since. He met his wife and was married in 2014. He and Rosemary live in Tampa with their pet parrot Dante. They are parishioners at Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church and are active members to this day.

Michael Long

Michael Long brings to the table a long history of having a heart and taking action for helping the poor. From his time volunteering on Midnight Runs for the homeless in High School, to volunteering in soup kitchens in New Orleans, to now volunteering and raising money for children programs in the country of Panama, Michael’s ministry has always focused on helping brothers and sisters in need.

Michael’s most recent project was hosting a fundraiser for the Hogar Rosa Virginia women’s shelter in Panama City, Panama that serves as a sanctuary for young mothers and their children. The successful fundraiser went to supporting the daily operations of the shelter as well as English and other skills classes for the young women, so they could learn life skills that would help them find employment and create a better life for their children.

Michael is also a convert, and was officially baptized and confirmed Catholic Easter 2017.

Nicole Abisinio

Nicole was standing on the red carpet for a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, when she suddenly realized something was missing from her photo ops. In the midst of following her worldly dreams to be a successful actress and producer, she left Jesus in the rearview mirror.

Acting along side Bill Murray and television stars such as The O.C’s Ryan Donowho, producing films starring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and ABC’s television sweetheart, Justin Hartley (“This is Us”), and hobnobbing the most elite nightlife with celebrities, Nicole had the world in the palm of her hands…and it meant nothing. “But what does it mean to gain the whole world if you lose your soul?”-(Mark 8:36) Nicole’s response was an overwhelming, previously unknown stirring of the Holy Spirit as the only words she could utter were, “I have to find a church.” In the arms of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, she found everything she had ever been searching for, and never looked back.

God showed Nicole how she could use the power of media for His Glory and she now works exclusively for His kingdom. Nicole currently works as producer, actress, and marketing executive for films including Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, The Investigator, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett’s Son of God, Different Drummers, and Love Different. Nicole has spoken around the country including Kiwanis National Prayer on “Power of Prayer”, NCYC on “Faith in Film”, National Prayer Day Tampa 2016 on “Faith in Media”, and the 2016 International Christian Film Festival on “Faith Based Film Distribution”. Though she loves speaking about film, her strongest calling is speaking out on chastity and helping others to live in that freedom with Christ. Her next talk on purity is the 2017 Live out Loud Singles Conference. When not filming or speaking, Nicole runs a non-profit ministry GMM, in which God uses her to evangelize for young adults by helping young women choose life over abortion, giving away thousands of bibles at Easter/Christmas, and spiritual coaching to help singles and couples live a chaste life until marriage. Nicole went to college at age 16 and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A, double major in Economics and Theater.

Nicole is a Mercedarian 3rd order postulant, a daily mass communicant, and reads her bible daily. her letter of good standing is available upon request.


“A 2017 Gabriel’s Messenger Ministries documentary, filmed with our amazing in house team, this documentary brings you four true stories of annulments. For those young adults who find themselves divorced and not knowing next steps, this honest journey shares a renewal of hope and healing!
Major distribution announcement coming soon!


Is a powerful urban Christian feature film with a strong gospel message against gang violence and teen pregnancy.  This feature is part of a new movement venturing into currently uncaptured audience.  Directed by the talented, James Hunter, we feel his testimony along with the film and urban soundtrack will make huge strides in evangelization.


Nicole Abisinio is working on the CC marketing team for this feature film, releasing in theaters nationwide on November 4th. This true story speaks to the bravery of faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings. It also explains PTSD clearly and what our soldiers go through in fighting for our country.


Currently in development and features the most important need we have, understanding our identity in Christ. Everything in our lives and world flows from this.  Levitical Rise follows a Hollywood comedian, Levi Wilder, who falls off the face of the earth in the height of his career. A young determined reporter risks everything to track him down to find the reason…and herself.  The script is complete and we are working towards production and currently raising funds of $1.5MM. Please email us for more info.


A feature film releasing in theaters nationwide October 14th. Nicole is working on the marketing team for CC to help fight human trafficking and teach young women about their truth worth and no matter what they have done, they can change their lives and be free in Jesus, who counts women as PRICELESS. It is also an amazing message showing young men their responsibility to uphold the dignity of every woman.


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